Spring Break is April March 26th –April 4th.  LHS has worked extremely hard over the fall and winter seasons to provide a safe environment for our student athletes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  If you are traveling or are out in the community, I respectfully ask you please wear a mask, practice social distancing, wash your hands and do everything in your power to be safe.  It is all of our responsibilities to make every effort to support this endeavor in order to all allow our student athletes the ability to participate in IHSAA Sanctioned Education Based Athletics.

This is a reminder for our student-athletes that they have made a pledge by signing the Athletic Handbook to abstain from any tobacco, alcohol and illegal drugs. Some of the athletes (and many of their parents) seem to think that an athlete who violates this rule while out of season or on an out-of-state vacation (and out of jurisdiction) has somehow distanced themselves from the policy that is false. When a friend or not-so-great friend shows their cell phone pictures, a text, facebook, instagram, or snapchat, etc., of inappropriate spring break activities, it will get to our coaches, administrators and/or athletic director. When a minor is arrested out-of-state, people in our community frequently hear about it (Lebanon is a friendly community, but not immune to small town gossip). I hope all of our athletes have a great time on vacation, but please come home safe and sound… and violation free.

Have a great time you deserve a Break! TIGER PRIDE!


Phil Levine, CAA Athletic Director/Assistant Principal Lebanon High School

510 Essex Drive Lebanon IN, 46052

Office: (765) 482-4764