Tigers News · Congratulations to Fall Winter Sports Award Winners and Senior Athletes

The following awards were presented this past Monday night at the Lebanon Fall Sports Awards Ceremony.


2020 LHS Fall Sports Honors & 3.3 B+ Scholar Athlete Award “Student Athletes Achieving Excellence in Academics.”




Most Valuable – Jocelyn Kernodle

Most Improved – Clara McQueen

Sportsmanship – Chloe Maciel

Scholar Athlete – Lauren Couger


3.3 (B+)Scholar Athlete Lauren Couger, Taylor Logan, Lauren Logan, Clara McQueen,

Jazlyn Gramlin, Chloe Maciel, Allison Krakowiecki, Kayleigh Barnard, Kinsey Bruder

Logan Harrington, Emma Bailey, Kaitlyn Smith, Leah Bashor, Jackson Shepherd,

Dilynn Shockley



Outstanding Offensive Player –Grace Braner

Outstanding Defensive Player – Hallie Montgomery

Most Improved Player – Lyla Barr

Most Valuable Player – Jaycee Weaver

Sportsmanship – Taylor Gramlin

Scholar Athlete – Lyla Barr


3.3 (B+) Scholar Athlete Lyla Barr, Hallie Montgomery, Gabrielle Deakins, Paige      Howard,

Kiana  Richards, Amelia Schoeff, Camille Deakins, Alexandria Barr, Charli Albea, Emily Sperry, Kylie Ottinger, Emily Jordan, Grace Braner, Madisyn Faulkner, Sydney Nance,  Bethany DeGraw, Maggie Scott, Jaycee Weaver, Madison Copeland, Summer Richardson, Caroline Tilford, Rylee Wilson, Taylor Gramlin


Second Team All-Conference:  Hallie Montgomery, Jaycee Weaver



Offensive MVP – Trevor Winkles

Defensive MVP – Nick Finney

Special Team MVP–   Makai Smith

Most Improved Athlete – Brenden Glasson

Terry Weeks Outstanding Sophomore Football Player Award – Trevon Bell

Chris Watson Sportsmanship Award – Nicholas Kaylor

Scholar Athlete –   Haiden Gibbs


3.3 (B+) Scholar Athlete: Samuel Green, Haiden Gibbs, Maxwell Williams, Garrett Harker

Jacob Susong,  Aryen Kinzer, Carson Toole, William Dafoe, Brayton Bowen, Nicholas Finney,

Samuel Kyker, Mallory Kaylor, Kobe Ottinger, Grant Burns, Ryan Shepherd, Samuel Cadle,

Treyton Achor, Nicholas Kaylor, Jacob Burns, Hunter Crew, Mason Crew, Aiden Fortney,

Loryn Patterson, Adam El-Shahat, Eli Bridges, Jack Reynolds


First Team All-Conference:  JC Reese, Drew Terrill, Nick Finney

Second Team All-Conference:  Trevor Winkles, Jaheem Joseph, Max Wiliams


Girls’ Soccer


Top Scorer – Summer Stogsdill

Top Defender – Jessica Lehmkuhler

Most Improved Player – Addison Lollar

Most Valuable Player – Summer Stogsdill

Mental Attitude Award – Irene Ransom

Scholar Athlete – Jessica Lehmkuhler


3.3 (B+)Scholar Athlete:  Jessica Lehmkuhler, Summer Stogsdill, Ava Lehmkuhler,

Emma Waskom, Riley Jump, Gwyneth Gray, Alexis Puckett, Irene Ransom, Ciarra Hiatt,

Abigail Johnson, Sarah Brown, Kiersten Dallas, Michelle Horvat, Sophia Neihart, Alexis Trepcos, Laney Rusk, Lily Gascho, Addison Lollar


First Team All-Conference:  Summer Stogsdill, Jessica Lehmkuhler, Riley Jump

Second Team All-Conference: Lexi Puckett, Irene Ransom, Maiya Newsom


Academic All-State Honors: (3.7 GPA or Higher–Jr/Sr)                                       

Jessica Lehmkuhler

Summer Stogsdill

Sarah Brown

Kiersten Dallas

Riley Jump

Irene Ransom


Boys’ Soccer


Most Valuable Player – Riley Newman

Most Improved Player – Kameron Skobel

Mental Attitude Award – Josh King-Riner

Top Scorer – Riley Newman

Top Defender – Matthew Coddington

Scholar Athlete – Riley Newman



3.3 (B+) Scholar Athlete:   Riley Newman, Kaden Burress, Samuel Green, Evan Wright, Jeremy Mullins, Max Campbell, Kevin Burress, Zachary Perrine, Quintin Isenhower, Grant Krulik, Landen Turner, Jordan Hines, Davohn Ziesmer, Will Swartz, Eli Young, Treyton Achor, Kameron Skobel, Joshua King-Riner, Sanga


First Team All-Conference: Matthew Coddington, Riley Newman

Second Team All-Conference:  Will Swartz, Kameron Skobel


Academic All-State Honors:  Kevin Burress, Jordan Hines, Riley Newman, Will Swartz


Boys’ Tennis


Most Improved Player – Jackson Shepherd

Most Valuable Player – Matthew Keith

Sportsmanship – John Gascho

Scholar Athlete – Matthew Keith


First Team All-Conference:  John Gascho, Matthew Keith

Second Team All-Conference:  Lukas LePage, Cade Morton


Girls’ Golf

Sagamore Conference Champs

Seeger Invitational Champs

Lafayette Jeff Invite

Twin Lakes Invite

Ulen Invite

Sectional Champs


Most Improved – Mikayla Mace

Most Valuable Player – Ella Taylor

Ulen Country Club Sportsmanship Award – Kora Patrick

Scholar Athlete – Ella Taylor


3.3 (B+) Scholar Athlete: Emma Hornbecker, Ella Taylor, Anna Robbins, Audrey Patterson,

Kathryn Williams, Brittney Crum, Lauren Gascho, Mikayla Mace, Kora Patrick, Masin Cassis


First Team All-Conference:  Ella Taylor, Anna Robbins, Lauren Gascho, Kate Mayner               

Second Team All-Conference:  Audrey Patterson

All-State Honors:  Ella Taylor


Boys’ Cross Country

Leap into September

Charger Classic

Tiger Invite

Conference Title

2nd Team to advance to Regionals in LHS history


Most Improved – Alex Emenhiser

Most Valuable Runner – Zachary West

A.J. Reagan Sportsmanship –Aiden Frost

Scholar Athlete – Sriram Srinivasan


3.3 (B+) Scholar Athlete:  Sriram Srinivasan, Alexander Emenhiser, Aiden Frost, Braden Robison, Aydan Wetter, John Hawks, Zachary West, Vaughn Royal, Beau Burgin, Dylan Krehely, John Trepcos, Andrew Ward, Caleb Newsom, Jared Walton, Eli Taylor


First Team All-Conference:  Ryan Keith, Aiden Frost, Zachary West, Sriram Srinivasan, JD Hawks

Second Team All-Conference:   Kyler Strange, Alex Emenhiser

IATCCC First Team Academic All-State – Sriram Srinivasan

Honorable Mention Academic All-State: Aaron Gommel


Girls’ Cross Country


Leap into September

Tiger Invite


Most Improved – Jaleigha Howard

Most Valuable Runner – Nadia Jones

Megan Hammerle Sportsmanship – Jessica Fischer

Scholar Athlete – Jessica Fischer


3.3 (B+)Scholar Athlete: Jessica Fischer, Gracie Stoller, Sarah Keith, Jaleigha Howard,

Breanna Page, Abbigael Coyle, Nadia Jones, Murphy Adams, Kloe Coyle


First Team All-Conference: Murphy Adams, Abbi Coyle, Nadia Jones

Second Team All -Conference – Jessica Fischer, Jaleigha Howard, Kloe Coyle

IATCCC First Team Academic All State: Jessica Fischer


Note: This Fall we recognized 140 out of 250 athletes for achieving the 3.3 B+ Scholar Athlete Award and LHS had 63 student athletes receive a 4.0 or higher GPA. 



Congratulations to the 47 Fall Athlete Seniors: Over the last few years these seniors below have provided all of us with a lifetime of memories.  This Fall season was full of challenges and at times was a struggle, but the seniors not only preserved, they provided the underclassmen, coaches and the athletic programs with the leadership characteristic traits needed to be successful.  Some of these athletes will be participating in Winter and/or Spring sports, however, we wanted them to know now, we truly appreciate all they have done for Lebanon and we wish them nothing but the best. Congratulations on an extremely successful Fall sports season! We salute you and remind you again that, “Once a Tiger Always A Tiger!”


Boys Soccer: Alex Bernard, Kevin Burress, Matthew Coddington, Jordan Hines

Josh King-Riner, Lucas Michener, Dustin Riley, Sanga, Landen Turner


Football: Caden Boggess, Grant Burns, Matthew Coddington, Will Dafoe, Haiden Gibbs, Brenden Glasson, Garrett Harker, Nick Kaylor, Nick Morgan, JC Reese, Leo Santiago-Salazar, John Stillwell, Camden Williamson


Tennis: Matthew Keith, Lukas LePage


Boys Cross Country: Aaron Gommel, Braden Robison, Sriram Srinivasan, Zachary West


Girls Cross Country: Jessica Fischer


Girls Soccer: Jessica Lehmkuhler, Emma Patterson, Lexi Puckett, Summer Stogsdill, Lexi Trepcos


Volleyball: Lyla Barr, Madison Copeland, Hallie Montgomery, Ashlyn Terrill, Rylee Wilson


Cheerleaders: Lauren Couger, Logan Harrington, Jocelyn Kernodle, Sydney Lockwood Ivy Strahm


Girls Golf: Lauren Gascho, Kate Mayner