Tigers News · Congrats to Lebanon Mom Teri Harker nominated for Indianapolis Star Sports Mother of the Year!

Congratulations to Lebanon Mom Teri Harker nominated for Indianapolis Star Sports Mother of the Year!


Teri is the mother of three former student athletes, Kalyn, Isaac, and Tori and one current student athlete, Garrett, at Lebanon High School.  Teri is an outstanding mother who along with husband Larry, have raised  four wonderful children that have excelled in the athletic arena and have achieved outstanding academic honors.  All four children were leaders in the classroom and on their athletic teams.  Teri, supports all LHS athletic programs and coaches.  LHS Athletic Director Phil Levine says, “She is a parent that I can reach out to and call at any time if I needed assistance.  She will do anything asked of her to help out athletic programs, not just focusing on her own child or their programs.  She lets the coach’s coach and her children solve their own problems.  She is a true role model for all parents who have children growing up playing high school sports.  Teri and Larry have raised four outstanding  children with very positive characteristic traits and a tremendous work ethic.  I congratulate her on this honor and wish her a Happy Mothers Day!”

Meet the Children:

Kalyn Harker: 2011 graduate. Volleyball, Basketball, Softball.  (Had a successful softball career at Southern Illinois University.)

Isaac Harker: 2014 graduate. Football, Basketball, Baseball (Current Quarterback for Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Canadian Football League)

Tori Harker: 2018 graduate Volleyball, Basketball, Softball (Currently attending IU East and playing Volleyball)

Garrett Harker: Rising Senior, 2021 graduate. Football, Baseball player who has currently committed to playing baseball at University of Cincinnati.