Tigers News · LHS Announces Student Athletes Winter Sports Awards

LHS Athletics aired their Winter Sports Awards night online and announced the student athletes below received the following awards.  If you missed the event you will find it located at the link.  Feel free to watch the replay at your convenience.

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2020 Winter Sports Awards. Congratulations to all the Student Athletes!



Most Improved – Taylor Moss

Sportsmanship – Leah Bashor

Most Valuable –  Erynn Smith

Scholar Athlete – Lauren Couger


3.3 (B+) Scholar Athlete

1st Time: Ann Marie Susong

2nd Time Fall and Winter 3.3 (B+) Scholar Athlete: Lauren Couger,  Macey Kenna, Kayleigh Barnard, Jazlyn Gramlin, Jocelyn Kernodle, Kinsey Bruder, Abigail McKibben, Leah Bashor, Clara  McQueen, Chloe Maciel, ,Mackenzie Fouts, Taylor Moss, Katie Smith


Girls’ Basketball

Leading Rebounder: Ashlyn Terrill

Highest Free Throw Percentage: Christina Lamb

Best Defensive Player: Lyla Barr

Sportsmanship: Lyla Barr

Most Valuable: Gabby Brewer

Scholar Athlete:  Lyla Barr


3.3 (B+) Scholar Athlete:

1st Time: Charlotte Lang, Kylie Kadel, David Bradley, Alexis Wines, Ashlyn Terrill

2nd Time Fall and Winter 3.3 (B+) Scholar Athlete: Lyla Barr, Alexandria Barr, Emma Huse, Camille Deakins, Gabrielle Brewer, Sydney Nance, Kylie Ottinger, Jaycee    Weaver

First Team All-Conference:  Gabby Brewer and Alexis Wines

Second Team All-Conference: Ashlyn Terrill and Christina Lamb

Academic All-State: Emma Huse

Charges taken at State leader: Emma Huse



Margaret O’Brien Tiger Tender: Faith Crouch

Most Takedowns:  Easton Williamson – 97

Most Pins:  Camren Toole – 24

Most Improved:  Eli Fox

Joe Gibson Sportsmanship:  Nick Morgan

Vic Jones Most Valuable:  Camren Toole

Scholar Athlete:  Camren Toole


3.3 (B+) Scholar Athlete:  

1st Time: Camren Toole, Devon Wilson, Jake Gordon, Makai Smith

2nd Time Fall and Winter 3.3 (B+) Scholar Athlete: Jeremy Mullins, Jack Reynolds, Carson Toole, Nicholas Morgan, Aiden Fortney

First Team All-Conference:  Camren Toole, Kenny Getch, Easton Williamson, Nick Morgan

Second Team All-Conference:  Ethan Coffman, Eli Fox

Semi State Qualifiers:  Ethan Coffman, Camren Toole, Makai Smith, Eli Fox, Easton Williamson

State Qualifiers:  Camren Toole

Academic All State Honors:  Camren Toole


Girls Wrestling

Regional Qualifiers

Margaret O’Brien Tiger Tender:  Faith Crouch

Most Takedowns:  Emerson Wolfbrandt – 25 and Grace Merchant – 25

Most Pins:  Sarah Huse – 21

Most Improved:  Gracie Brandt

Joe Gibson Sportsmanship:  Taylor Gramlin

Vic Jones Most Valuable:  Sarah Huse

Freshman of the Year:  Grace Merchant

Scholar Athlete:  Bethany Wilson


3.3 (B+) Scholar Athlete:

1st Time: Bethany Wilson, Sarah Huse, Kennedi Jones, Faith Crouch, Gracie Brandt, Emerson Wolfbrandt, Emma McCabe, Grace-Ann Merchant, Paiten Martin

2nd Time Fall and Winter 3.3 (B+) Scholar Athlete: Taylor   Gramlin, Katie Smith, Bethany DeGraw, Emma Bailey

State Qualifiers:  Emerson Wolfbrandt, Grace Merchant, Jazlyn Gramlin, Gracie Brandt , Sarah Huse

State Place:  Emerson Wolfbrandt – 8th place, Grace Merchant – 6th place , Jazlyn Gramlin – 5th place, Gracie Brandt – 2nd place, Sarah Huse – 1st place                  


Boys Swim & Dive

Most Improved Male: Ryan Shepherd

Most Valuable Male: Zachary Perrine

Sportsmanship:  Mason Stillwell

Scholar Athlete:  Phillip Betts


3.3 (B+) Scholar Athlete:


1st Time: Phillip Betts, Alexander Whipkey, Caden Rule, Corbin, Daisley, John, Gascho, Grant Braner


2nd Time Fall and Winter 3.3 (B+) Scholar Athlete:  Kaden Burress, Riley Newman, Zachary Perrine, Kyler Strange, Ryan Shepherd

First Team All-Conference:  N/A

Second Team All-Conference:  Diving : Riley Newman


Girls’ Swim & Dive

Sagamore Conference Champions

Most Improved Female:  Skylar Ritchie

Sportsmanship:  Morgan Lawson

Most Valuable Female:  Lucy Gascho

Scholar Athlete:  Summer Stogsdill


3.3 (B+) Scholar Athlete: 

1st Time: Morgan Lawson, Emma Waskom, Cora Dial, Cayleigh Dial, Jillian Brubaker, Lily Gascho , Sydney Daisley, Skylar Ritchie, Abrianna Murphy, Breanna Daisley

2nd Time Fall and Winter 3.3 (B+) Scholar Athlete: Summer Stogsdill, Lauren Gascho, Lucy Gascho, Caroline Tilford, Felicity Franks

First Team All-Conference: 200 Medley Relay Team: Lauren Gascho, Summer Stogsdill, Lucy Gascho, Cora Dial

200 Free: Morgan Lawson

100 Backstroke: Lauren Gascho


Second Team All-Conference: 100 Butterfly: Lucy Gascho

500 Free: Morgan Lawson

200 Free Relay Team: Summer Stogsdill,

Cora Dial, Cayleigh Dial, Morgan Lawson

400 Free Relay Team: Morgan Lawson,

Lucy Gascho, Cayleigh Dial, Lauren Gascho


Boys’ Basketball

Leading Rebounder: Carson Burtron

Highest Free Throw Percentage:  Luke Ferrell

Best Defensive Player:  Luke Ferrell

Sportsmanship: Cauy Nance

Most Valuable:  Carson Burton / Michael Reese

Scholar Athlete:  Carson Burtron

JV Sportsmanship:  Kam Skobel

JV Most Improved Player:  Blake Bryan


3.3 (B+) Scholar Athlete:

1st Time: Paige Newsom, Melia Donner, Cauy Nance, Cayman Huntsman, Korbyn Sloggett, Reese Jones, Dakota Coffman, Skylar Bilderback, Colby Cook, Bianca Krout, Hunter Crew

2nd Time Fall and Winter 3.3 (B+) Scholar Athlete: Carson Burtron, Lucas Ferrell, Braden Robison, Treyton Achor, Kameron Skobel, Caleb Newsom, Michael Reese

First Team All-Conference:  Carson Burtron

Second Team All-Conference: Luke Ferrell , Michael Reese

Academic All-State Honors: Luke Ferrell, Carson Burtron

Academic All-State Honorable Mention: Cauy Nance

All State Honorable Mention Athletic Honors: Carson Burtron