Tigers News · Message/Update from LHS Athletic Director


Dear Parents and Student Athletes,


I wanted to update you with some additional information and answer some questions and concerns that have recently been brought to my attention.

First, I hope everyone is doing their part to stay safe as we work through the Coronavirus situation.  I want to make it clear during this time where LCSC is not in school, no practices or athletic events will take place in LCSC buildings or outside on school grounds.  No coaches will instruct players or parents to get together at alternative sites to conduct practices or conditioning programs. However, it is highly encouraged that a student athlete work on their own and/or with their parent to maintain their strength and conditioning and sharpen their athletic skills.  If student athletes contact each other wanting to work together, please understand this situation has not been initiated by a coach, should not be perceived as a practice and the decision whether or not to participate is up to the parents and student athletes.


Second, technically the Spring Season officially starts today, March 16th, for all Spring Sports.   The IHSAA has rules that must be followed in order for our student athletes to maintain athletic eligibility.  IHSAA Rule 15-1.2 (Below) clearly states that in team sports during their season student athletes must not participate in that same sport (On a club team) outside of the school setting or they will become ineligible.  Example: If you are playing softball for LHS and at this present time and you decide to join a softball club travel/team because nothing is currently going on with the high school softball season, you will be ineligible by IHSAA rules for 365 days.  This does not state you cannot go to a batting cage on your own or take a private lesson.  (See below) This is just talking about joining an outside school team and practicing and competing.


IHSAA Rule 15-1.2 (Page 55 of IHSAA BI-Laws) Team Sports (Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Softball and Volleyball) a. Participation by a student in any organized non-school sports competition during the Authorized Contest Season, or at any time prior to the conclusion of the student’s participation in the IHSAA the IHSAA Tournament Series, in that sport shall cause such students to become ineligible for their School team in that sport for a period not to exceed Three-hundred Sixty-five (365) days as determined by the Commissioner.


  1. Student-athletes may receive a Lesson [Note: one-on-one instruction; See, Definitions] so long as: (1.) it is not mandated, scheduled or paid for by the School; (2.) no School Practices or competitions are missed; and (3.) no member of the School’s coaching staff who provides a Lesson is compensated for the Lesson beyond the compensation the coach earns from the School. c.


  1. 15-2 (page 59) If a student tries out for a Non-School baseball league, would that be a violation of IHSAA rules? A. If the try-out occurred during the authorized Contest Season in baseball, this would be a violation of rule 15-1.2; however, it would not affect the student’s eligibility in other sports. And if the try-out occurred during the School Year Out-of-Season, it would not be a violation. (Rules 15-1.2, 15-2)


  1. 15-3 Does a student become ineligible in all sports if the student plays on a team other than the student’s School team during the authorized Contest Season in one sport? A. No, a student is ineligible only in

the sport in which the student participates as a member of a team other than the student’s School team and would not affect the student’s eligibility in other sports. (Rules 15-1.1(a); 15-1.2(a)) Q.


Finally, LCSC Administration is following the lead from the Health Department to make sure all necessary steps are taken to ensure the safety of our student athletes and their families is our number one priority.  We are all in this together and trying to do our part to improve the situation and get back to athletic play as soon as possible.  Information continues to be related daily and changes can occur at a moment’s notice. I will continue to update you through this Final Forms email process and feel free if you have any further questions to email me directly.  I am checking my email daily and will be happy to respond as soon as possible.  Please be safe. Tiger Pride!





Phil Levine, CAA

Athletic Director/Assistant Principal

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