Tigers News · Important Message From LHS Athletic Director/Assistant Principal

Parents and Student Athletes,

This email is to hopefully answer questions regarding LHS Athletics during the time period students are not in school.  First, let me be clear from March 13th through April 5th there will be no athletic contests or practices held on or off school grounds.  The winter athletic awards night and individual winter team awards nights have been postponed.   All senior athletes who have signings will be rescheduled as well.   Additional information regarding the rescheduling of these events will be sent out upon returning to school after Spring Break. 

Coaches may communicate with their student athletes through means they have set up for direct communication.  (Email, Remind 101, Final Forms etc..)  I highly encourage our student athletes be communicating with their coaches to receive information on how they can go about continuing to train for the upcoming Spring and following seasons.  In addition, all students athletes must continue to maintain good academic standing by participating  daily in the ELearning process.  This time out of school should not be considered an extended Spring Break.

The IHSAA has rules requiring a certain number of practices to occur before any student athlete can participate in athletic events.  This is 10 days of practice for all student athletes unless they are coming from a winter sport.  In this case they will need only 5 practices.   At this time, Commissioner of the IHSAA, Bobby Cox, stated today in a  press conference he is standing by this rule.  Assuming his decision stands, and LHS resumes school and activities on Monday April 6th, most of our Spring sports will not be allowed to begin competition until Friday, April 17th.     

I will be working over the break to reschedule sports teams competitions with opposing schools keeping the following in mind.  It is almost certain that each program will not play a full schedule of events allowed by the IHSAA.  We will not have enough weeks left in the season and I will not schedule all the number of games allowed in a shorter period of time at the expense of our student athletes getting injured.   Conference competitions take precedent over non-conference events. I will do my best to make sure our student athletes are provided as much of a season as possible.  Please understand some of these decisions will not be left up to me and depending upon what happens in the future, additional changes could occur.   

Reminder, if you plan to participate in a Spring Sport, the Athletic Office MUST have a physical on file as well as a Final Forms account set up and all paperwork signed online.  Students can stop by Athletics with questions once we are back in session.


Please stay safe and I look forward to a great Spring Season. 





Phil Levine, CAA

Athletic Director/Assistant Principal

Lebanon High School

510 Essex Drive

Lebanon IN, 46052

Office: (765) 482-4764

Fax: (765) 483-3043

Cell: (571) 259-0829