Multiple Teams · Softball: Friday April 28th Varsity Cardinal Ritter Postponed, Zionsville games to be played

Tonight’s Varsity Softball game versus Cardinal Ritter has been postponed.  We are moving the Lebanon softball games scheduled for Saturday versus Zionsville to tonight.  JV and Varsity softball will both start at 5:30 pm at the 875 facility in Zionsville. (Zionsville will also have both baseball diamonds going tonight as well).  The forecast does not look great for tonight but it looks better than tomorrow.  If we do not get the game in tonight, we will NOT reschedule for tomorrow.  We will try to reschedule the games at a later date but it will not be tomorrow.

We thank you for being flexibile during this crazy spring season!

Greg Schellhase AD Zionsville


Phil Levine AD Lebanon