Multiple Teams · Mooresville Broadcast Friday Night Football Game over the Internet!

Friday’s Football game to be broadcast live via the Internet!

The MHS Athletic Department and the NFHS Network have partnered together and will begin broadcasting specific athletic events live via the Internet.  This Friday night’s football game vs Lebanon will be the first athletic event that will be published on the web and available for spectators across the country to watch the Pioneers on their new field.

This broadcast is ran through a program called PlayOnSports.  This program is designed to be student-driven.  Our MHS Broadcast Team, under the direction of Andy Marine, will be producing this game and potential events in the future.  They have already been working with the program and producing live shows for our daily announcements at MHS.  We are excited for this very talented group to lead this new venture for the Athletic Department.

On our website, under “Pioneer HQ” tab, we have a link to our NFHS Network page.  At that webpage, you will see all the events that we will be broadcasting. The viewing of the live athletic events does have a fee.  There are three options that are available. First there is a 24-hour pass for $9.95.  Second there is a monthly pass for $14.95.  Lastly, there is an annual pass (good for the entire year) for $60.00. After the events are posted for 72 hours, they will then become free to view by any subscribers.  The plan for this program is to implement it slowly over the course of the year.  That means that we will limit the events that are broadcast live.  As we develop the system, we will continue to add more games, potentially additional sports and school events.  Please check our NFHS Network webpage for the list of upcoming events.  We think this will be a great long-term service that we can provide to our parents and spectators.